Cheapest Actron CP9145 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner With Live, Record And Playback Data Capab

Cheapest Actron CP9145 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner With Live, Record And Playback Data Capability For OBDII Vehicles

I'm not a mechanic, just another poor schlub who owns an aging car trying to milk every last bit I can out of my vehicle.

A problem nowadays, at least in my neck of the woods, is cars today are computer controlled vehicles. It's a big issue when your check engine light comes on and you have to get your car through an inspection - cars simply won't pass with the light on. The check engine light should have an accompanying cash register sound because as any car owner knows in most cases addressing the cause of the light will cost money.

Also, how damaging to the pocket (budget) is it going to be to address whatever is causing the light to trigger? How will you even know?

Even though I'm not a mechanic, I come from a family of mechanics and realize a little elbow grease and a willingness to spend the time doing something myself can save me a lot of cash. Now that I have the scanner, I can at least make an educated decision about whether I want to tackle a job myself or bring in into the local shop and have them do it.

The other thing is I can reset my computer now and clear codes. I had a misfire/02 sensor problem with my car and was able to reset the computer, get enough mileage on the vehicle without retriggered the code and pass inspection - it bought me some time.

The scanner is a handy tool to have and at the price it sells for, it pretty much can pay for itself with only one use.Buy Actron CP9145 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner Lowest Price, Order Now! [Click Here!]

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