Where To Buy Thule 962XT Speedway 3-Bike Trunk Rack

Where To Buy Thule 962XT Speedway 3-Bike Trunk Rack

Purchased this based on the Thule Web Site saying it would fit.
It won't fit our Toyota Sienna XLE model properly.
It came with a spoiler just above the rear window as part of a standard package from the manufaturer (most of the models with the leather seat upgrade have it). The Thule straps rub on it and makes the spoiler flex, we were concerned it could damage the car, the bikes, and would be unsafe if the rack and bikes to fell into the road.
We don't have a tow hitch and didn't want to install one. Now we will have to look at buying something else. Buy Thule 962XT Speedway 3 Bike Trunk Rack Lowest Price, Order Now! [Click Here!]

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